Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shadow of The Mad King

ArenaNet is continuing the steady stream of information on the "Shadow of The Mad King" content patch slated for release on October 22nd.

First and foremost a video.  Featuring most prominently a strange platform puzzle that may allow us to jump into the cauldron, transporting us into the Underworld perhaps?  Furthermore several costumes were revealed, and oh dear lord....some quaggan transformations.  ArenaNet be prepared to be stuffed with my cash on the 22nd for those transformations.  I want...make that need....a lifetime supply of those transformations.

Also, a schedule was released detailing when each "Act" will playout in the world.  I think we can safely assume the so-called Acts are likely dynamic events that play out in the world.  There is no news that states the required level of participation for these events, so you may want to make sure your character of choice is 80 by the time of the patch.

Act 1-October 22nd
Act 2-October 26th
Act 3-October 28th
Act 4-October 31st

I personally love how they are playing a story out over several days.  I have always enjoyed "unique" events that happen once in MMOs.  It's part of the reason I love the genre so much, and to me at least, it makes the world feel that much more alive.

See you on the 22nd!


  1. Looks like the cauldron could lead to mini-dungeon land, which makes for a good temporarily available event zone. :)

    This will be a good test of their bug testing system because they won't have a lot of time to fix things once they go live per act - and I'm guessing the acts will "close" after halloween.

    Also expect higher lag during those days. ^_^

    1. I actually have never had lag in any of their big unique events during the beta weekends specifically in, the Branded event and the Hunger Royale. I really would not expect lag. This will not be a WvW fight in Stonemist. At least, I hope not.

  2. I'd expect them to make most if not all Halloween content accessible to as many players as possible. If there is a soft level cap, I'd expect it to be in the mid range, like 30 or 40. Or maybe they will even make use of their upscaling system.

  3. Iam really looking forward to those new Content they bring in. The new Events are propaply really amazing aswell as all the little features they bring in just like the costumes, oh and don't forget to mention the all-mighty quaggan transformations.

    While the Video looks great like always iam totally waiting for the patch today.