Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Spark on the Horizon

While my last post was a little too teenage angsty for even my taste, this time we talk about the upcoming events in Tyria.  Halloween marks the first major content patch and features holiday events, jumping puzzles, Black Lion Trading Company additions to the gem store,  a new style of PvP tournament,with a boast of new unrelated events, achievements, mini-dungeons.  It should become immediately apparent that this addition to the game is not light on content.

With six separate live teams actively working on developing the game post-launch, I really think we are in for a treat with this patch.  (no pun intended.)

Personally, I'm hoping for a quaggan costume in the gem store, because I will immediately buy it for my asura. Can you even imagine the awesomeness of that?

Also, I'm particularly excited for the events leading up to Halloween.  Colin Johanson has hinted that while there are new events cropping up from the 22nd of October to the 31st, he was specifically looking forward to the event that started on the 28th.  With the Hunger Games and my personal favorite the Branded event during the beta weekends as the last unique events, I'm pretty stoked to see what they have in store for us.

And even in the not-so-distant future of November, there have been hints at what's to come.  There's more news on the mobile app and how they are hoping to make it even better during this development time than they had originally anticipated.  There's rumors of the mini-games promised for each of the major cities being released sometime in 2012, as well as the possibility of a spectator mode.

In the latest interview with, Colin notes where he hopes the game will be by 2013.

"My hope would be over the next few months we build and strengthen that bond and relationship with our player base. We need to show to our players that our plans for live development for Guild Wars 2 aren’t just words. We live up to the promise of what a truly supported live MMO can be, and we want people to look back at our initial blog post on what our live teams will be doing and say, “They are doing everything they said they would do, I trust them to keep their word.” If we can strengthen and build that level of trust in the live game world, show our dedication to massively increasing the depth and breadth of things to do in GW2 for all players I believe we’ll be a great place to start 2013."
The "Shadow of the Mad King" releases October 22nd, and I have to confess, I'm extremely excited for it.  I'm even starting to actively save cash to buy some costumes. Please ArenaNet, I NEED a quaggan costume.  Do this, and I promise to be your fanboy forever.


  1. I agree that we neeeeeeeeeeeed quaggan costumes! What kind of toy do you think we could get with that?

  2. Coo! Hohoho, nice teeth!
    Though I wouldn't mind a Kodan outfit either. :P

    1. You the prize of having the greatest idea ever. A petition for a Kodan transformation for Halloween must be made!