Saturday, September 15, 2012

Interesting Data

These have been released by ArenaNet themselves.  Take a look, they are quite interesting.


  1. Wow, I'm surprised norn are second. I'm also surprised plants are as popular as asura and more popular than charr. I expected human, charr, asura (maybe swapping charr and asura) norn, sylvari.

    It's also interesting that the most basic professions (warrior, ele, and ranger) are the most popular. Not surprising, just interesting. I don't know if it's a testament to people sticking with the familiar or simply seeking the familiar out in a game that has otherwise unfamiliar mechanics.

    I'm surprised necros are as high as they are, only because I rarely see them. I'm surprised guardian isn't higher, and that engineer is as high as it is.

    What would be even more interesting is charts per server to get a sense of what all the unofficial server communities favor.

  2. I wish they would have provided number values to the graphs. The gender ratio looks like 60%/40% to me. Not to shabby if that's the case. I'm also interested in what these graphs will look like in six months as popluations level out, players advance, trade skills change/swap and the newness of the game wears down some. I know I've made a few toons that have been deleted after about level 10 or so. They just didn't work out like I thought they would. Atificers (did I spell that correctly)look way low.


  3. Is that gender ratio the number of characters of those genders or what players reported on a profile? I don't recall select M/F anywhere.

    1. Gender ratio of characters created.