Sunday, September 16, 2012

And the Grind Begins....

For some unknown reason, I am set out for the epic-est of epic weapons,  called the rainbow shortbow by the less informed, the Almighty Lover by me, and the Dreamer to the rest of the intelligent world.

I have assembled the Dreamer components in a word document and mapped each item out to it's origin or source, and the amount of grind needed to complete it was staggering.


The Dreamer: Base Exotic Weapon + Base Gift + Gift of Mastery + Gift of Fortune
Base Exotic Weapon- The Lover-Research ongoing 4 rares/exotics in Mystic forge
Base Gift Recipe:  Gift of Wood + Unicorn Statue + 100x Icy Runestones + Superior Sigil of Purity
                Gift of Wood- 250 Elder Wood Planks, 250 Seasoned Wood, 250 Ancient Wood, 250 Hard Wood Planks
                Unicorn Statue-250 Orichalum Ingots, 100 Opal Orbs, 100 Chrysocola Orbs, Gift of Thorns (500 TA Explorable Mode  Tokens bought from Vendor in Lions Arch)
                Icy Runestones-1g from Vendor after Claw of Jormag
Gift of Mastery: Bloodstone Shard, 250x Obsidian Shards, Gift of Exploration, Gift of Battle
Bloodstone Shard: 250 skill point cost
Obsidian Shards-obtained from Tactician Deathstrider at the Temple of Balthazar in Straits of Devastation for 2100 karma each.
Gift of Exploration-100% world completion (rewarded 2)
Gift of Battle: 500 WvW Tokens

Gift of Fortune: 77x Mystic Clover, 250x Glob of Ectoplasm, Gift of Magic, Gift of Might

Mystic Clover: rarely obtained in the Mystic Forge with this recipe: 10 Obsidian Shards + 10 Mystic Coins + 10 Glob of Ectoplasm + 10 Crystals

Glob: obtained from salvaging 70+ rare/exotic items with at least a Master's Salvage Kit

Gift of Magic: 250x Vicious Fang + 250x Armored Scale + 250x Vicious Claw+ 250x Ancient Bone

Gift of Might: 250x Vial of Powerful Blood + 250x Powerful Venom Sac + 250x Elaborate Totem + 250x Pile of Crystalline Dust

But all quests begin with a single step.  So I've decided to complete the world first and focus on achieving the gold enough to buy the base weapon, while simultaneously farming Karma and WvW tokens from well...WvW. I'm also saving my skill points as I go, and collecting the wood I see along the way.  The Icy Runestones and every reagent for the Gift of Fortune will be ignored for now, simply to not be overwhelmed.

Wish me luck, because this quest will probably take 6 months.


  1. That's a lot of TA runs...the question is do I want the dreamer for my thief or my ranger...and what of my main?

    I wish mesmers could equip short bows.

    I could try for a legendary for her instead but you just can't beat a unicorn that fires rainbows.

    1. I don't know, those greatswords are quite amazing too. If only thieves could equip greatswords, xD.

  2. I want the staff for my elemenstalist...

    six months...taht how much time I think I will need...

    But Arah dungeon don't open...