Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Mother's Pain

Editor's Note:  This is my first piece of fan-fiction, and if I'm honest, I'm a little nervous to present this to you.  It details the origins of the Nightmare Court and the formation of the rift between the original founder and the Pale Tree.  Every name and idea presented is as true to the lore as possible and was researched thoroughly before being written.           

Caedyrn paced furiously outside the central chamber beneath the Pale Tree.   The world had begun to spin, and the recent events had thrown the Grove into a flurry of activity.  In response, the Pale Tree began to meet with each of the Sylvari, starting with each of the Firstborn and slowly branching out to the younger saplings.

And now it was his turn, and she was running late.  He tapped his foot impatiently, all the while staring at the nearest blades of grass.  His frown adopted a curious tone as dew began to condense on the verdant tips.  It was early in the morning hours, but for Caedryn the night was only just beginning.

A sudden noise echoed through the chamber as the doors were opened.  Caedryn shifted uneasily as a strange melody caught his ear.  He looked up to see Faolain making her way out.  As they passed, Faolain brushed roughly into him.  Caedryn turned slightly to apologize, and only then sensed her frustration.  From Faolain’s agitated expression, he could only guess that she had just been in a heated argument.  

Caedryn continued through the archway, and walked down a hallway with mossy underpinnings.  The hallway took a sudden turn, where the roof suddenly lifted into a wide alcove.  In the heart of the room stood the ethereal form of his mother, The Pale Tree.

                Her face was wrinkled with the expression of deep thought.  Only when Caedryn was within a couple feet of her, did she actually appear to notice his arrival.  Her face changed rapidly upon seeing Caedryn’s haggard appearance.

                 There is a great weight upon your heart.  What troubles you, sapling?

                Caedryn opened his mouth to speak, and then hesitated.   He didn’t know where to start, and he struggled to express himself.  With the recent news, he only felt frustration and anger.  There were so many questions, and yet so little answers provided. No one, not even his Mother had been there for him.  Seconds passed before he began, but when he did, his voice was filled with the exasperation and animosity he had been feeling for weeks.

                “You.  Me.  Us.  The world is such a dark place, and yet you continue to spawn our race like fodder for the other races to play with.  Are you really such a cruel being that you cannot see it?”

                There is no such thing as black and white in this world.  Life is not so simple.  Every person, being, or thing represents a a shade of gray, and the asura are no different.  They have made mistakes and will continue to make them. Rekindling our races will be a difficult process, but Aife is on her way to Rata Sum as we speak.  Do not fear difficulty.  Hard ground makes stronger ro—

                “--roots. Yes, we all can read a stone.  Have you ever thought that we rely on that tablet too much?    It has far too much influence over our actions for my taste.”

                The tablet is our compass in the vast ocean of life.  Where would we be if we did not have a guiding light?

                “Malomedies would be well and those wicked Asura dead.  We’ve made too many sacrifices for that damned tablet!”

                There will always be sacrifices to make.  You must know that.  Malomedies knew what he was doing and he knew the risks.

                “We are just pawns in some larger game than?  To be sacrificed at your beck and call”

                No.  You are my children, and I would do anything for you.

                “Then destroy the tablet.  The greatest gift is freedom, and you shackled us to a slab of rock.”

                At this the Pale Tree paused.  She realized she was not making any progress and decided to suddenly change her approach.           

                Why were you born?  I’m not a deity, but I think I can provide you with an adequate answer.  There is something far darker out there.  Even now, we can all feel it’s presence.  A shadow looms over us, and Tyria cries out in anguish.  We need you, and all of the other races to work together, if we are to have any hope for survival.

                “ I’m not blind…we all sensed something in the Dream.  Emotions ebbed and flowed like an ever-winding river.  There was joy, curiosity, and hope.  And then all I felt was pain.  Fear and pain.  You will never know what I felt in there, and now you speak to me as if I’m a human child, as if I’m about to break one of your rules.”

                You speak of temporary strife where I know of an unending one.  Look around you, the Dragons have awakened and the Risen are marching upon our shores.

                “How can we fight while shackled to that stone?  Would you have me fight for you if I was a cripple?  We won’t be able to win if we are handicapped.”

                The tablet was written by one of the wisest beings of his age, Ventar—

                “Ventari is dead.  And I fear we soon may suffer a similar fate.”  Emotion suddently overwhelmed Caedryn and he forced himself to turn around and leave the room.  As he left, he did not look back to see his Mother’s face, but he expected to only see her disappointment.

                Instead, the Pale Tree was only left with her tears. 


  1. Awwww. I know it is not cannon or anything. But it was still sad just from knowing who they are/were.

    I like the sylvari as a race and their brief history, but idk if I am going to play one still.

  2. Yeah, I really find the lore behind the Nightmare Court and the Sylvari one of the most exciting stories in MMO history. I can't wait to see how the story plays out, and I would love to learn more about the relationship of the Pale Tree with Faolain, Caedryn, and Caithe.

    1. Also, I have to ask, did you like it?

      I have always been horrible with dialogue, and I struggle to make the conversation flow naturally. However, I think its balanced by the major players in the story. The characters are really interesting and I enjoyed planting some of the future events within the short story.

  3. You read the book yet?

    1. I haven't read either of the two books released. I'm not sure if I have the spare time to read an entire book at the moment....