Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Niche Traits

Today, I want to address a seemingly simple question, do niche traits have a place in Guild Wars 2?  Let me place a definition on what I mean by a “niche trait” to start out this discussion.  To me (and I believe most people), the term simply means a trait that is activated by a very specific condition, and occasionally out of the ordinary situation.

The invariable problem that these traits create is that they are either too conditional and thus are useless for 99% of players, or they are too strong/overpowered in specific builds/playstyles.  However, on the other hand, these traits can create and foster the development of  diverse, interesting builds in the community.  Furthermore, ArenaNet in the last two betas have shown some experimentation and desire for niche traits.

Question:  How many professions have these niche traits, for example specific fall damage traits or 50% increased damage while downed?

 Answer: Nearly all of them. 

The community seems split on the usefulness of these traits. There are some who sit firmly on the side that they are useful and expand diversity, where others would rather have a new trait designed that is more accessible and directly useful to a larger percentage of the profession.

Unless you are hugging high cliffs in WvW and using them to escape and outmaneuver pursuing enemies, I’m not sure how useful a fall damage trait is for you.  Would the game as a whole benefit more from having a trait that may be more useful to a wider range of players?

Delving into my own personal opinion, the “increased damage while downed” traits just seem strange.  To activate these traits, you need to have a condition that you are actively trying to avoid the entire time.  I can just see in a year or two, a video of some thief etc. that relies on being downed to increase damage output in some competitive environment.   It’s almost silly, and I can’t imagine these traits being widely used.

On a completely separate note, can they be balanced well?  ArenaNet has been extremely outspoken in the desire for Guild Wars 2 to become a e-sport.  Are niche abilities commonplace in other e-sports?  I’m not sure, mostly because I do not play or watch competitive gaming. I’m rather bad at League of Legends, and I have blatantly ignored the StarCraft series.  The furthest I have ever gotten in the competitive arena is Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, and that’s because my friends and I poured hundreds of hours into both of those games, and we would have to increasingly learn advanced techniques to outmatch each other.  <Insert shameless Diddy Kong plug here.  Yes, bananas are that awesome.>

So, the biggest questions:  Are they too conditional?  Will they be used by a large enough minority to warrant the creation of them?  Can they be balanced?  The first two questions seem debatable while the third seems unanswerable at this point.  So thus, my cop out answer is I don’t know, what do you think?


  1. I used to turn my nose up to any skill that was triggered by being at 25% or downed but ultimately chalked my attitude up to arrogance. In PvP and WvW especially, it's going to happen - even to exceptional players because they will be going up against other exceptional players. Those traits are almost like elite skills - they can turn the tide of a fight. They add another layer of unpredictability.

    The fall traits have some amusing potential. That, and they may end up popular among jumping puzzle fans if a missed step lands you into a nest of enemies, you have a head start. I've kind of noticed there really are a lot of opportunities for falling in this game, and it doesn't have to be an especially high fall to sustain damage.

    They could have simply designed the game with fewer traits straight out the gate. Would people have complained there weren't enough? Or would they have accepted the number outright? I'm thinking they would have because when people debate the value of the traits, I often see them asking for one replaced rather than one added.

    Also, the variety of traits is already pretty diverse. I don't think there's any particular skill type or weapon getting the shaft in the trait department (at least in amount of traits - the skills, traits or weapons themselves may need a boost in some cases.)

    There's not a lack of generally useful traits. There's just a few novel traits to keep things interesting.

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