Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New Island Discovered

The very eventful stress test occurred today, and I will talk about that later in another article. Tonight, I'm in a relatively silly mood, and this find fascinated me.  I was tippped in the forums of a great video released today by GuildSource.

In it, a charr dagger/dagger elementalist utilizes Ride the Lightning, jumping skills, and a quite unique sense of humor and creativity, to find what he later terms "Bandit Isle."

This video shines for two reasons.  We finally found out why elementalists were included in the game, and more importantly, that scary, mind-tripping water.  First, we all know ele's can't fight, their real purpose is for the explorers in the game.  Go venture forth with Ride the Lighning and reach places other professions could only dream of.  We'll do the fighting for you, just run along and go explore kids.  All kidding aside, that water.  That is some creepy stuff.  It's a mix between a mirage/shroomy wasteland. I really have to give the members of GuildSource for not only the discovery and creation of the video, but the awesome sound effects  and commentary as well.

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