Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Server List for Beta Weekend

ArenaNet just released the server list for the Beta Weekend.  The Guild Wars 2 Guru Community has chosen Yak's Bend (at the moment) to be the server for the weekend.  See you in-game!

By the way, Guru, I am not happy with your choice for servers.  Seriously, what am I supposed to say when someone asks me where I am from?  Oh you know, just a small, quiet server called Yak's Bend. What I love most about the server is that around every corner lies a yak waiting to be ridden upon. I also enjoy the way yaks bend when walking, stretching their long, tenuous legs while grazing on a field of grass.  Why not a more pleasant server name?  Eternal Grove sounds green and lush. Ehmry Bay sounds peaceful. But, no, Yak's Bend sounds wayyyyyy bettter.  Yes, I'm salty.

EDIT:  Yogscast is playing on Yak's Bend, i.e. I'm no longer salty.

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