Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Community Highlight:PC Gamer Asura Preview

Over at PC Gamer, Josh Augustine was allowed to play through some of the starting area of the Asura. It is important to note, that no one outside of ArenaNet has had access to this race.  If you are looking for the highlights and basic concept of the Asura and their starting area, head over to PC Gamer and read the article.

I must say that why I enjoyed Josh comparing the Starting Area to the Asura's personality and how they meshed well together, I was a little disappointed with the overall article. I was really hoping that the article could reflect on the starting area a little more deeply.  Why I think he introduces the Asura, their general concept, and highlights the major events well, he misses an opportunity to critically compare the starting areas to other races.  Does he feel that any starting areas are lacking?  Did he dislike anything in the Asura starting area?  I just felt that he was showing us the area in a glossy fashion that came off too fanboyish.  Even the biggest fans of a game, when writing, should be able to compose a balanced article.

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