Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Best CGI Cinematic I have Ever Seen...

As I once said several months ago, I have a deep-rooted passion for cinematics.

While I may not write as much I used to, I still cling to my daily habit of MMO news.  Yesterday, was Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV's last day.  Well..sort of.  XIV like many unfortunate MMO's was released way too early, with way too many significant flaws to gain any sort of traction by the community. When this happens, most companies abandon the product and doom it to failure.  This is what set Square Enix apart.  They admitted their mistakes, built a new team, and stopped charging their customers subscriptions until they fixed the game.  The developers at Square Enix are slowly unveiling Final Fantasy XIV 2.0, a complete revamp of the old game.  It's essentially a new game, that they are giving away free to current subscribers.  It's certainly laudable, and yesterday marked the end of the original Final Fantasy XIV, with a world ending conclusion.  I have no investment in the game, nor have I played the original, nor do I know any of the lore in the Final Fantasy universe.  Yet, what I witnessed, was no less than the best CGI cinematic I have ever seen.  Screw launch trailers.  End of the game trailers carry so much more weight.

Keep your eyes on this game.  Don't bet on a success, but watch it with a certain weariness.


  1. The smile on that guys face *epic goosebumps*

  2. Wow that was awesome. Thanks for sharing this! :D