Saturday, October 6, 2012

Salvaging and Magic Find Analysis

There are an enormous amount of people discovering the power of salvaging items, and selling the products for net increases in gold.  However, one question that I've heard asked, and I actually did not know the answer to is:  Does magic find increase your chance for producing rare items using salvage kits, such as more ectoplasms from rare items?

Well, a Reddit user by the name of Marko_Oktabyr, was gracious enough to perform the test about a week ago.  Sadly, I don't believe his study got the attention it deserved, because it was beautifully performed.

The long awaited answer is no, magic find does not increase your success at salvaging.So no, don't go out and break the bank for runes, temporary buffs, or gear just to play the trading post with salvaging.

Check out the full study and how it was performed over here.  As a researcher-in-training, I am genuinely happy to see someone in the Guild Wars 2 so astute in designing an experiment, and explaining it to the general public.


  1. Now that is a really handy bit of intel there Entombed! Thank you so much for sharing that, i was making sure that my Mf was up when salvaging, now I can relax the 'chow down' reflex!

    1. Thanks, I thought it was pretty useful to know too!