Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Personal Story Woes

As I was progressing through my personal story around level 70, something terribly frustrating occurred.  I was minding my own business setting charges on an undead ship when my good friend Tom dies in the ensuing explosion.  As I swim out to the now exploded ship to retrieve his body the mission ends, and I'm promptly led to next mission.

That's where everything went wrong.  Suddenly, my personal story made no sense.  It was like I was transferred to a completely different storyline with it's own previous history.  Instead of my good close friend Tom dying, I was being told that one of the greatest norn heroes of this generation and my dear friend, Apatia had died.  Let's be clear...I have no clue who the hell Apatia is.   What made matters worse was that the next mission was to travel to Hoelbrak and brag of Apatia's legacy.

I'd be fine if that was the only flaw, but now I'm permanently stuck on a new storyline.  I'm introduced to character's I've known for quite a while, and supposedly "re-introduced" to people I have never even met.

I'm rather disappointed, because I was really enjoying my storyline and I really wanted to see the effects of it on my personal instance.  Now, I am almost afraid to go in there, because I have no idea what is waiting for me.  Somehow one of my friends who played a Sylvari had the exact same thing happen to him, and now Apatia is a running joke between us.  ArenaNet, who the hell is this Apatia woman?

Such is life, I suppose.


  1. Wow....That sucks! Your personal story is supposed to be the whole RPG element in GW2. That would be like playing Final Fantasy 7, watching Aeris die, then have a cut scene where you are burring Yuna from FFX.
    *passes flowers*

  2. When I went through this quest, I figured I just missed something, either from a dungeon I hadn't done yet or from not paying attention to earlier characters. I tried googling Apatia but of course it's all too new for anything to be on the web yet. I did get to see Apatia die, I just didn't know who she was. My friend and I decided she must be that norn captain we met earlier, but neither could remember for sure. And there's that purple demony woman who chats with me like we're old friends but I don't know where I'd know her from. So glad it's not just me going crazy, and maybe there is something missing in the story line.

  3. Also, the battle of fort trinity cinematic glitched out for me. Does anyone know if there is a way to replay the cinematic after the fact?

  4. Apatia is a lion guard, saw her in my personal story.

  5. That certainly seems like a bug to me, I wonder if that is really how it was "intended" to be?

  6. I had this same thing happen (but in a different way). One thing that we discovered is that if you're doing the story quest with another person, whoever "activates" the story quest, it determines the next steps from that person. So, doing the story quests, I jumped back and forth between my story line and a friend's story like 3 to 4 times. It's kind of weird.