Saturday, August 18, 2012

TIn Foil Hat Continuation

I originally posted this as a comment below the first article. However, I have substantial reason to believe I am right...(and no, ArenaNet you do not have a leak.  I just have a highly imaginative, but very likely accurate idea of your plans.  I was recently on a fourteen hour roadtrip, so I had some time on my hands to speculate.)

I did want to add two speculative ideas, that was not in my original post.

1. I've changed my mind. The trailer will be released and played the first time we as players have access to the game, aka the 25th for most of us.

2. Second, part of the CGI trailer will be Eir swimming discovering an elder dragon exactly reminiscent of the coincidental concept art I chose for the first article. I'm very certain of this.


  1. I have to doubt that there will be any form of CGI. Arenanet and Mike O'Brien in particular are adamant that they'd rather spend the 500k on the game than making a cgi trailer which is why nightfall/eotn don't have anything of the sort. not to mention gw2 so far. the concept art animations maybe.

  2. You are correct. I may have mispoken, and I have no substantial evidence that the inevitable launch trailer will be CGI. From the images released, the trailer could easily be videos of real life or as you suggested concept art. No one but ArenaNet knows with certainty.