Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stress Test Annouced

....Psh...ArenaNet you are making me look bad.  Minutes after writing a short little piece on the lack of news or updates, you have to go and throw a curve ball.

Alas, you probably don't care about my troubles, yes there was a stress test annouced.  And guess what?  It's tomorrow. From noon to 4 PST.

On a side note, ArenaNet was very careful to say they are doing significant 'stress testing'.  And even said to expect performance issues in many areas of the games, however they did note that any issues during this period of testing is not reflective of the quality of the game at launch.


  1. Just to clarify for everyone, the announcement was made on ANet's GW2 Facebook page. It's not posted on ANets blog page yet.

    1. Interesting, only noticed the Facebook notification. Thanks for the clarification!

  2. There were definitely issues the first half hour, but it was smooth sailing after that - save an ill-timed game update when I was finally making headway with the WvW puzzle.

  3. I was in structured PvP the entire 4 hours. I encountered no major problems or lag issues there. However, I do wish they would allow friends to choose whether they want to play on the same team or against each other....I also wish the announcer "Your base is under attack" would not shout at me every 5 seconds...But those problems aren't really new to the stress test.