Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guess Who?

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Yes, it's an undead dragon made out of other undead dragons.  It's the concept art we were told about several months ago.  Zhaitan is back, and he looks better than ever.


  1. were gonna need a bigger boat....

    1. "Yo, I heard you wanna fight some dragons, so I put dragons in your dragons, so you can fight dragons while your fighting dragons."

      It's like a fricken blue whale medusa with scales, claws, and teeth.

  2. Are you guys sure we can save Tyria from THAT? o_o'

  3. Well Snaff did mind control Kral for a few minutes..... before he was cut down in his prime. I look forward to seeing what desperate measures Zoilja pulls outta her bag for this bad boy.

  4. So he is the dragon at the end of the "Get Ready" video. He has a very spooky green mist around him.

    Found here for your viewing pleasure -