Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Secret World Trailer

This will be my last article on The Secret World, I promise.  I follow MMO and gaming news daily, and have been doing so for years, so if I find something extremely interesting, I might use this site to share it with you. However these features will be extremely infrequent, and as always Guild Wars 2 holds my full attention.

Creating a great trailer is an art form that few appreciate. You have to capture the tone, emotion, and heart of the featured product in a few brief moments.  This trailer was so skillfully done, that I had to show this off.  The music and feel of the entire video strikes a tone that is quite emotional, something that is rarely done in the MMO industry, or in games in general.  It strays so far from the in your face, flashy explosion of everyday trailers, and begins to trespass into the subtle, mournful niche of The Secret World.  Well played, Funcom.

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