Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's the Little Things that Count

I've always been attracted to the tiniest of details in the creation of online worlds that make them exciting.  These moments, brief but exhilarating, are what makes an MMO feel alive to me.  The smallest of things can turn running to the next event objective into a game of exploring and fun.  In Guild Wars 2, you never know what to expect, and there's literally something hidden around every corner.

The newly added vistas were a great addition to the game. They offer great screenshot opportunities and a distinct change in camera, and often can be challenging an thought-provoking to complete.

Name any one of the well-hidden jumping puzzles, and you have frustration, fun, and excitement for at least the next fifteen minutes often several times that because of frequent personal failure.

How about this underwater organ-themed instrument that if played right opens up a secret reward:

My beloved friend, Moa Trainer Kappa.

Or how about Oola's lab adventure.  In the starting Asura area, Metrica Province, there is a random chance to find a crystal named "Belongs to Oo--".  You then have to connect this crystal to a "locked" lab on one of the edges of the area.  Once there, a group of asura are launching an expedition into Oola's lab and need your crystal to activate/unlock the event.  How amazing is that?

Keg Brawling and hopefully other mini-games.  You have to play this, it was left so-unhyped by ArenaNet, but these games are just as enjoyable as any other part of the game.  And I could see myself playing countless hours here.

Maybe it's the environment that encourages the community to create awesome events.  Lion's Arch just became Lion King.

Or the Open-world dungeons.  You have to navigate traps while fighting powerful enemies or using your intellectual prowess to navigate some of the more difficult puzzles.

Secret Boss battles anyone?  (And no this is not the fire elemental in Metrica Province) 

There's an active rumor that the Hunger Royale event took the Guild Wars 2 Live team around 12 hours to complete from start to finish. If this is true, than I cannot wait to see the post-launch created content.  What MMO has created events equal to Hunger Royale or the Branded events?  Even if you ignore the substantial fact that these events may only be one-time events to close a beta weekend and not even be included in the final product, these events are quite impressive to see and play.

Tyria is practically begging to be explored.  This is coming from an avid PvPer who has never had an interest (prior to GW2) in PvE content.  I want to find the nooks and crannies hidden away in the maps, and I will definitely be spending far too much time looking "for that damn jumping puzzle" post launch.

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  1. Count me in for exploring, I can't wait to "lose myself" in Tyria! :p