Monday, June 11, 2012

Dismal Science: DRAGON ZOMBIES.

Seriously guys, this happened.

I've played in many betas, but I think this was the first time I found myself beset by giant armies of crystal-dragon-zombie-players.

Also, side by side with Eir and Rytlock.

I fought a half dozen small skirmishes before the main battle started, hundreds of players to each side of me. Slowly, the survivors were whittled down by the relentless assault of the dragon branded. I spent more than a few duels with players who had been on my side moments before; if you fell, you joined the dragon. After finishing off a pair of the smaller branded players, I turned around and saw a sea of red names descending upon me. As the last few players around me dropped one by one, I turned around and sprinted towards the outer wall of the Black Citadel.

Activating my swiftness buff, I slowly pulled ahead of the horde as passed through the gate into the outer wall. Surrounded by only a few Legendary Defender of Ascalon NPC's, I turned around as a tide of branded players erupted towards the wall.

I drew my scepter.
They were close.

Death shroud.

And then, looking out across an ocean of red, blackness.

The world ended.


+1 Internets for you.


  1. Sounds awesome... I was tempted to hang around for the end event but being in the Eastern time zone, 3AM is awful late when you have to work the next morning... although sounds like it might have been worth it.

  2. Absolutely brilliant ending event! I'll probably add my thoughts later, but wow, that was incredible. On our server, Rytlock (supposedly) became branded, so anyone around him was killed rather swiftly. I became isolated out in the wilderness, having to fight for my life, and narrowly avoided death several times from the hands of dragon-zombie players. I think that this event was definitely the highlight of the weekend, and I was stunned with how good that event was.

  3. Loved the event! I want to roll a corrupted.