Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bragging Rights

Just finished the dungeon in WvW that was recently added.  In brief, it was the most frustrating, exhilarating 2.5 hours I have ever played in a game.

Note:  Some of you may notice I misspelled "world" in the chat.  Don't judge me, I was lost in the dark room and it was a very dark time in my life.  At first I didn't realize you could carry a torch, and I was basically wondering in the dark for close to twenty minutes before I somehow found my way out using cluster bomb on the shortbow.  I'll probably be writing up a post on this place, because yes, it was that amazing.


  1. I tried it last night with another 3 players I met there, but we faced another larger group and couldn't finish. We went as far as to The Dark Room.

    It is absolutely brilliant, and yes very frustrating, and I'm dying to go there again and finish.

    I don't want to spoil for myself on the exact details... but just tell me this: was the end worth it?

  2. Um, the traps become incredible towards the end, particularly the last one. The prize in the chests, sadly no. But to me its more about the journey there, than the actual prize. I'll probably detail everything out in an upcoming blog post.