Thursday, May 17, 2012

Community Highlights: Thief and Ele PvP

All 3 videos show professions played at a level that is beyond most of the community at the moment.  Almost all of us have heard or written complaints on the official forums and over the internet calling for changes on everything from professions to weapon skills.  Two of the videos really showcase how out of hand the complaints have gotten on certain professions.  Many have voiced the opinions of the uselessness of certain weapons are, including yours truly. Two of these videos go against the grain and show the viability of weapons and utility skills that many have called to be revamped or removed from the game entirely.  We have a lot to learn as a community, and with each new Beta test, I think we all will start to make some insightful revelations.  See below for the videos and attached commentary.
 "You know nothing, Jon Snow"

The first video by the Youtube Account pigiaduroitastini really showcases the strengths of a good player.  Take note how she is able to handle two reasonably skilled players at once.  She is also weapon swaps consistently, using dagger/dagger as her main move and shortbow to weaken them before she jumps them or for general mobility.  I also loved how she used Withdraw, a seriously underused and underrated heal in the Thief community.

Youtube Link: Here
The second video is also by Youtube Account pigiaduroitastini and this time showcases Sword/Pistol with a shortbow.  She is primarily using pistol whip as her primary damage, and she takes full advantage of the blind and dazes provided by the pistol's offhand. After trying sword/pistol during the first BWE, I seriously questioned its use in combat, and she was able to prove me completely wrong in a short fourteen minute video.  Oh, and before I forget, watch her take down the Chieftain NPC on the Forests of Nifhel (I hate that name btw), without even moving.  She literally negates 90% of his damage with blinds.  

Youtube Link: Here

The third video is by Team Paradigm, and their whole youtube channel is full of fantastic videos.  Genip, the commentator is also extremely adept at explaining what is happening and his reactions during the fight.  Keep in mind that this a dagger/dagger an elementalist.  After the first beta, there was a lot debate on the actual viability of a Dagger/Dagger build as one of the flimsiest classes in the game.  I think he makes a point that we have no idea what the professions are capable of yet, and we are just barely scratching the surface.

Youtube Link:  Here


  1. I also wanted to apologize, I'm not sure why the full screen aspect of the videos is not functional. If any of the readers have suggestions, I would love to hear them.

    1. I just watched them on youtube in a new tab...

      The thief videos were extremely impressive, and that is clearly a player who already has their feet under them and is off and running. I especially liked the video of the shortbow+sword/pistol gameplay as that was a combo I personally enjoyed qutie a bit with that profession.

      I was less impressed with the necro vid, I'm sorry to say. The "pressure build" I used in the recent BWE was much harder hitting and more effective imo, and I didn't care for the selection of utilities that player chose either. Spectral Armor is a "no-brainer" I think we can all agree that is a high quality skill for necros, but I thought that player greatly over-emphasized condition removal (simply taking the trait that cleans them on entering DS is really adequate) and while I like the healing skill, it really should be paired with a utility like Blood is Power for increased effectiveness (this also reinforces the bleed stacking from the scepter and generally fits better with the whole pressure build.)

      So, Spectral Armor + Blood is Power, and then add Signet of Spite to go with the scepter #3 skill, and now you're talking REAL pressure!

      Obviously, your mileage may vary depending on playstyle and personal preferences... I definitely agree that there is MUCH to be learned yet, and clearly a greater depth to the strategic approach to the game than might be apparent on first glance.