Thursday, May 10, 2012

Community Highlights: PC Gamer Interview

PC Gamer had the chance to talk to Colin Johanson, a Guild Wars 2 designer.  The main take away message from the interview was ArenaNet's approach to designing future content.

Our goal is that every time you make a new character, you might go back through a map that you played six months ago and you’re going to find completely different content.” New content, he says, will be spread across the whole game rather than concentrated in specific areas.  As this happens, the events already in place will be altered to accommodate it.

New content will not be patched in, or added to one area that is announced in advance. Instead dynamic events will be added to existing content in various zones, and it will be up to the community to find and experience it.  I think it adds another great addition to the exploration elements that exist in the game.

 The job of spreading the word about new content will fall, Johanson says, to the community itself. “I would be thrilled if we put that stuff in and within the next two or three weeks people were on the fan forums saying, ‘I found this event – has anyone ever seen this before?’ and everyone starts pouring in to go find it. I think that’s more organic and fun for the community.

Link to article:  PC Gamer Interview 

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