Friday, May 4, 2012

Community Highlights: WvW

There is an excellent, 90 minute video showing a group's adventures in WvW by the Youtube account Fistina.  I think the video really shows off the power of coordinated activities by a small group of people through voice chat.  This video was made with the point of view of the elementalist, and also shows the power of this profession's AOEs.  I saw several 4-7K hits by the fire elementalist through Meteor Shower.  It's a little terrifying how good this class is in WvW, and this terror is only amplified by how well coordinated the group is.

Click Here:  WvW PvP with Elementalist PoV

I also wanted to show you another video featured on Guild Wars Insider by the Youtube account xARxNomaD.  There's a jumping puzzle in WvW.  The scale and complexity of this puzzle, and how well hidden the puzzle is, makes this puzzle an absolutely impressive addition to the game.

Click Here:  WvW Jumping Puzzle

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