Monday, May 21, 2012

Community Highlight: Gamasutra Article

It is impossible to walk into any MMO forum without becoming tangled in a minefield of convoluted arguments.  In many threads, there is a debate raging across the community about Guild Wars 2.  Is this MMO something new or is it a rehash of successful elements of  several old MMOs? There are many people on both sides, and both have arguably good points.  Gamasutra's article interviews Christopher Lye, ArenaNet's global brand director.  The article does a decent job of addressing both sides of this issue, while also shedding some information on the design philosophies of Guild Wars 2.  The article has nothing new to say, but offers a nice, relaxing read that might interest you on a rainy day.

Lye said he believes MMO players are waiting for a more engaging combat style, and Guild Wars 2will bring on the change. "People will call this risky, but we think it's riskier just to churn out the same MMO that everyone has played before. People can read the words, but it's not until someone actually plays the game that they really understand some of the fundamental changes that we've made to the genre," said Lye.
Full article can be found here.

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