Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When's the Next Beta Weekend Event?

So, I decided not to sleep. Why I am brewing, the community right now is waiting.  Waiting for an answer to this question: When is the next BWE?

It has been confirmed that the next BWE will take place by the end of April. So far beta weekends have taken place from Friday to Sunday,  that leaves the 20th or 27th.  This next weekend is especially important to ArenaNet.  Anyone who has pre-purchased GW2 is guaranteed access to beta, and this will be the first time many people will be able to try out the game.  First impressions in the MMO world are very important and have many consequences.  These impressions are amplified because there is no Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by the testers this weekend, thus anyone and everyone will be posting their impressions.  I would like the event to be on the 20th, simply because the anniversary of the original GW is April 20th.  I think it would be nice poetic justice to the game.  The 27th however, may be needed to repair all of the issues from the last closed beta.  We all saw how much the pet AI needed work after the last beta, so they may need this time for polish.  The next couple of days will hold the answer.

A tweet on April 17th.  Gotta love the ever-mysterious soon.

We will release information about BWE dates as soon as we are able to share it. Thank you for your understanding. ~RB2 

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