Friday, April 20, 2012

What Not to Do in GW2

First, my title rhymed. Second, don't live near elder dragons.  Take a look after the break for some tips on what you just shouldn't do in Guild Wars 2.

1)  Don’t be stationary.  Most of the moves can be cast while mobile.  You know how easy you are to flank by rogues, get rained down upon by every profession’s aoes.
2)  Don’t stand in the bad stuff.  Red Circles are bad, you will need to be moving constantly to avoid them.  However, white circles are good, so you may want to strafe inside.
3)  Don’t waste your time looking up cookie-cutter specs.  Guild Wars 2 is designed to be intuitive, and optimized so that you can play the way you want to play.  Stop worrying about what the other Mesmer is doing in your guild and start focusing on what you want. Experiment!
4)  Don’t grind.  Dynamic quests, PvP, exploring, crafting, personal story all provide you experience.  If you play the part of the game you like the most, you will (hopefully if all goes well) level just as fast as another person.  We all know grinding mobs may sometimes be efficient, but really ask yourself how much fun are you really having?  Games were supposed to be fun, not “fun at the level cap”. 
5)  Don’t be rude to other players on your server.  Everything in Guild Wars 2 revolves around your realm’s community, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to piss on that.  That ranger you laughed as he was dying by 3 centaurs, may just refuse to help you in your time of need in WvW.
6)  Don’t just stay dead in dungeons, unless someone is trying to revive you.  You can go back to the nearest waypoint and run back to join the fight.  Who knows you might be the small difference that downs the boss. 
7)  If you are a PvPer, don’t choose a race because of its racials.  You will not be able to use them or they will be weaker than profession-specific abilities. 
8) Don’t build your traits and utilities with one idea in mind.  Every character can specialize, but at the end of the day you will (most likely) need something to balance it all out.  A warrior with 30k in a dungeon will not help your group. Neither will the elementalist with 8K hp. Balance is essential.
9)  Don't be afraid of the water.  In any other MMO combat gets muddled, you really don't know where the hell you are, and you may end up drowning.  Guild Wars 2 not so much, and the combat is responsive, and easily equal to the fast-paced brawling on land.
10)  Don’t be afraid to do what you want to do.  Plain and simple, just because it didn’t work in previous MMOs does not mean it won’t work in GW2.

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