Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So, one may ask where do you find the latest information to GW2?   And, why do I need a blog to provide me the same information that the sites already give?  The answer is simple, this blog does not utilize a single source.  If you only receive information from one site, you simply aren't getting everything.  Each source specializes in certain areas, and thus misses out on useful discussions.

Most Notable Sources after the break!

-guildwars2guru.com  (One of the premier sites of the GW2 community.)
-guildwars2.com (The official site for all things Guild Wars 2)
-Twitter page for Guild Wars 2 (Latest tweets from live devs)
-gamebreaker.tv (Provide interesting videos and discussions)
-mmorpg.com (Reactions to GW2 from the MMO-gamer perspective)
-Youtube: Yogscast, TotalHalibut, Tap-repeatedly, and other random accounts.
-Boons and Conditions PodCast
-kotaku.com (Anything and everything goes on here)
-killtenrats.com (A blog by several great posters who offer great, insightful posts.)
-guildwars2insider.com (Great updates and often posts the newest info on GW2)
-gw2bnc.com (Boons and Conditions, offers a great podcast and excellent critiques)

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